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Fulcrum Wind 40C Carbon Road / Clincher Wheelset / Campagnolo

Fulcrum Wind 40C Carbon Road / Clincher Wheelset / Campagnolo

Fulcrum Wind 40C Carbon Road / Clincher Wheelset / Campagnolo    Fulcrum Wind 40C Carbon Road / Clincher Wheelset / Campagnolo

Fulcrum Wind 40C Carbon Road / Clincher Wheelset / Campagnolo. High-End-Bike-Discount has been rebranded into Lafo Bikes offering you exclusive rare and hard to find high-end road, gravel & triathlon bikes, frames, parts & accessories. Our goal is to offer you the best price on amazing bikes.

We are a Colnago, Pinarello & Chapter2 authorized dealer. Allround as the leitmotiv, performance as an ideal definition for Wind 40C: a set of racing wheels designed for everyday rides, on all roads, whether for training or a Gran Fondo with the group you usually go out with. Its 40 mm full carbon unidirectional profile will be able to prove itself, providing what is needed: aerodynamic and stable in long stretches on the flat, light and agile in making the rhythm uphill, decisive and manageable in the most technical descents. The balance and harmony between your racing bike and Wind 40C will be immediate: you put them on and begin to discover a new level of performance.

To achieve this objective, our R&D department combined several of the most popular technologies available: the full carbon, unidirectional rim is built without holes for passage of the nipples, Mo-MagT therefore, ensuring maximum stiffness and reliability. It promises braking like never before thanks to the AC3T laser treatment on the braking track : laser processing allows the traces of resin to be eliminated from the surface in contact with the pads with a precision never seen before, improving behaviour in all conditions and up to 30% in the most complicated situations, in the rain. To transfer all the power in acceleration there is the oversize flange on the cogset side, with aero spokes arranged according to the Two-to-oneT scheme.

That's Wind 40: technology, performance and substance, but in the end it will be able to completely change the character of your racing bike. The concept is simple and elegant: balance the weight of the gasket, with an item of similar weight placed on the exact opposite side. When you push on the pedals, the rotational force on the sprocket induces a slackening of the freewheel spokes with a consequent loss of rim tension. This results in undesirable flex of the whole wheel and an unavoidable loss of energy.

Fulcrum® has solved this classic cycling problem with its 2:1 Two-to-OneT Spoke Ratio patent, by doubling the spokes in the critical zones. DRSCT - DIRECTIONATED RIM-SPOKE COUPLING. It allows the rim, spokes, nipples and hub to align properly with the same tensioning value in all areas. A magnet and lots of ingenuity. This was what led to the patent for the well-tested "Mounting Magnet" system, or MoMagT.

FULCRUM IDENTIFICATION CARD - 100% HANDMADE QUALITY. Right from its inception Fulcrum® has been marked by feature that continues to this day: that is to design, prototype and industrialise all the wheels characterised by the red "F". Indeed these take shape inside of the R&D, the leading-edge department that represents the beating heart of the Italian company.

Every single component of the wheel, the materials chosen and the technologies applied are the tangible result of the effort that Fulcrum® makes every day to give you maximum performance and reliability. A guarantee of quality The keyword for our products is: traceable. If you find a little label attached to any Fulcrum® product, do not remove it. It will provide you a guarantee in case of an ascertained defectiveness of a production batch, and so the component needed or wheel will be traceable. All this because, devoted to its mission, Fulcrum® demands the absolute perfection and safety for its customers. AC3T - ALL CONDITIONS CARBON CONTROL. For years, the issue of braking on carbon rims has been studied and technically updated, in accordance with progress made in research into materials and available finishing processes. AC3T is a further step forward in this direction and it will enable surprising braking performance, especially in difficult conditions, when improvements become the base for a different way of cycling. The Fulcrum R&D division has chosen to change its approach to braking track production, going from a mechanical process to one that uses micro laser incisions on the surface to eliminate resins and perfect roughness.

In this way, braking directly exploits the brake pad's contact on the fiber, improving grip and dissipation of water and moisture from the surface, allowing it to work immediately in ideal conditions and give better results. Confidence and power grow, together with excellent modularity. Lab tests have shown that this greater force enables a 6% improvement in braking power in dry conditions compared to previously. In the wet, the difference is amazing: here there is a 43% increase, bringing braking distance close to those in dry conditions.

The cyclist can concentrate totally on choosing the best line, with no slip-ups, each hairpin a work of art. He always had a passion about high end bicycles. He followed the Tour de France and many other races around the globe with athletes like Greg Lemond, Laurent Fignon, Pedro Delgado, Sean Kelly and more. After seeing there was a demand for high end bike parts, bicycles and frameset, he decided to create his own virtual bike shop. He had the chance to work in the bike industry for years and created many contacts. Since 2015, Lafo Bikes is happy to offer you a great selection of products that we would love to ride ourselves. A great selection of amazing bicycles, framesets & accessories. A professional team of passionate cyclists to help you find your dream bike.

Keep in mind we are always finding great products and we receive new bikes and framesets weekly. Please come back often to see our new arrivals. If you are looking for a specific bike, contact one of our specialists so we can fulfill your specific order. We now have a US warehouse as well as our Canadian warehouse to serve you better and faster!!

Otherwise, we will contact you. The amounts are usually determined based on a combination of factors that may include. The merchandise's country of origin or manufacture. Our priority is your satisfaction! We are happy to offer free return for all our Canadian customers. THE PRODUCT MUST BE IN NEW CONDITION. We must be able to sell it to someone else.

Bike apparel must be clean, odour free and without any pet hair. For obvious hygiene reasons, we won't reimburse jersey, bike shorts, bib shorts and socks unless they're in new. These items must still have their tags on, must never have been worn or washed and the packaging must be intact.

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Fulcrum Wind 40C Carbon Road / Clincher Wheelset / Campagnolo    Fulcrum Wind 40C Carbon Road / Clincher Wheelset / Campagnolo